Want a quick and easy way to start the new year heathy? 

Then checkout my New Year Heath Checklist. I’m sharing 3 easy ways to get your health on track this year.

1. Move your body for 20 minutes every day.

Yep anyway you can!

That may mean a walk, cycle, home Pilates workout, playing at the park with your kids, hike, swim or even try something new.

Does the can’t be bothered hit you? Put it in your calendar, schedule it in, set an alarm or find an accountability partner that will keep you moving.

Commit to moving and you will feel better both physically and mentally. It only takes 20 minutes each day.

2. Drink more water! 💧

Yes, I’m all about the hydration and unfortunately that doesn’t include coffee or alcohol, just good old H2O.

Need some inspiration?

Add some lemon or lime or infuse your water with mint. Need some fizz? Use a sodastream and mix it up between still and sparkling.

Set an alarm each hour to remind you to drink or go get that beautiful drink bottle you’ve been eyeing off. If it’s going to motivate you to drink more than it’s worth it.

3. Get 7-8hrs of sleep every night.😴

Notice how I said every night?

Yes, sleep is essential for cellular repair, your immunity and a myriad of other body functions.
Lack of sleep can negatively effect your mood, energy, concentration and daily activities so getting a good night sleep is a great way to ensure you’re feeling in great health.

Need some help setting the scene?

Ensure your bedroom is dark and cool and turn off all electronic devices half an hour before going to bed. Sorry Netflix! You won’t miss it in the morning though, I promise.