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At Mind & Movement Pilates we offer the best Pilates instruction to help you get stronger, move better and reduce pain with Pilates. We individualise each client’s Pilates program dependent on posture, injuries, goals and capabilities. We specialise in postural specific exercise, injury rehabilitation and sports specific training. We help you get back to or maintain the life you want to live. Better movement, less pain and more fun.


“Mind and Movement Pilates is amazing! Kate’s understanding of the physiology of the body is remarkable and her individualised approach is one of the many reasons she has me as a loyal and long term client. I am not going anywhere!”

Aileen Struthers

“I am so happy to have found Mind and Movement Pilates. Kate and her team have encouraged me to keep positive and work through options to reduce and relieve my pain with at home exercises and stretches in addition to my weekly commitment to attend classes. I’m getting stronger every day and have strengthened my core which helps keep everything stable.”

Sam Cracknell

“Coming to Pilates classes has given me the confidence to regularly exercise at home knowing that what I’m doing is improving and maintaining my chronic back injury. The team at Mind and Movement Pilates ensures that I’m doing my exercises correctly and that they are the right ones for my injuries. I’m in less pain and feeling great. Getting out more and enjoying life..”

Michelle Noble

Frequently Asked Questions

Pilates is a great form of fitness and extremely beneficial for general well being, injury rehabilitation, and by anyone trying to increase their postural awareness and overall body and core strength. Pilates can offer something for everyone and it’s low impact nature means it can be enjoyed by anyone, at any age.

As of April 2019, rebates for Pilates classes are no longer covered by any Health Fund.
Yes, ANYONE can do Pilates! Pilates is suitable for anyone at any age. The use of equipment and individualised instruction means we tailor all exercises to suit your body, posture and strength.
We specialise in prehab and rehab exercises, pre and post-surgery, as well as rehabbing injuries to get you back moving/playing quicker.
Optimally you should be doing Pilates 2-3 time per week to see changes. However, this may be 1-2 classes a week at the studio and some home sessions as well. Incorporating the Pilates principles in to your everyday life will also make a huge difference.
Everyone and every body is different. It depends on your injury, posture, pain and how quickly you see changes occur. Some of our clients have been attending classes for more than 10 years but as a minimum, aim for at least 20 classes to start to see changes.
Please refer to our price list. Discounts are also available for pre-purchased blocks of classes.

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