Pilates Home Workout Series

10 Pilates mat based workouts you can do anywhere, anytime!!

Can’t make class this week? Do a home Pilates workout with me instead!

Travelling for work or on holiday? Do a Pilates workout in the comfort of your own room.

Just can’t make the time to get away from the kids and leave the house? Workout with me at a time that suits you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

NO. If you are a beginner start with our BACK TO BASICS WORKOUT. Aim to do this workout a number of times until you feel comfortable and strong throughout the exercises before progressing to one of our other workouts.

Always listen for the modification options offered if you are finding an exercise to hard.

To see changes in strength and tone, aim to do at least 3 Pilates workouts a week. This may include a mix of in-studio and home workouts.

Also remember to include cardio workout sessions in your week. Walking, cycling, swimming and interval training are all great forms of cardio training.

Each video is $9.96 (cheaper than a take-away sandwich) or purchase the whole series of 9 workout videos and 1 stretch session for $79.95.

You can watch it as many times as you like. You have unlimited access. Watch it anytime, anywhere as many times as you like!

All videos can be watched on iOS, Andriod, Apple TV, Roku and Chromecast. An internet connection is required.
No. These workouts are not suitable during pregnancy. If you are looking to do them post-partum ensure you gain clearance from your doctor.
No. If you are feeling acute pain please consult your health professional for clearance before starting any exercise program.

NO, if you feel pain ALWAYS stop. You know your body best and you should always listen.

Why Did I Put These Workouts Together?

Because I wanted to HELP YOU do your Pilates workouts anytime, anywhere!



Having spoken with many of my clients, they often say they get frustrated trying to workout at home because they don’t have the equipment, they’re not sure what to do or they lack motivation.

So, I wanted to help you keep your Pilates practice going at home or whilst your away by designing these workouts.

My Home Workout Series consists of 9 Pilates mat workout videos and 1 Stretch session video so that’s 10 workouts you can use to create the strong, fit and flexible body you know you DESERVE.

All the workouts are 15-20mins in length so they’re perfect to fit in to your busy day.

All you need is your mat for 7 out of the 10 workouts.

I’ve thrown in a few small props like hand weights, a theraband and a Pilates ball for those of you wanting to work a little harder or change it up in the other videos.

I’ve designed this workout series to cater for the beginner to the advanced with YOU, my clients in the forefront of my mind.

Exercise modifications and advancements are offered throughout the videos and you can take it all at your own pace.

Need a little more time for an exercise?

No worries, press PAUSE and take it.

Want to do the same video for a few weeks to really nail it? Go for it!

What Workout Should You Do?

If you’ve never done Pilates before or want to re-visit the basics try my PILATES BASICS workout. This the perfect workout if you’re just starting out or trying Pilates for the first time.

The rest of the workouts are a combination of upper and lower body strength training with different focuses in each video.

Want to work the whole body and get your sweat on? Try my PILATES BARRE workout (seriously, I’ve told a few of my clients but when I was filming this video, sweat was literally dripping off my nose!!).

Want to strengthen your core? Try my FULL BODY FLOW workout for a challenge.

Need more upper body strength? Try my STRENGTH WITH WEIGHTS workout and my THERABAND FUN WORKOUT.

Plus more!

What Are Your Goals?

Ultimately, I want to help you get the body you want!

I want you to be able to move pain-free, feel energised, confident and do the things you love doing.

Whether that dancing it up on a Saturday night and not waking up in pain on Sunday (we’ve all been there!), playing with your kids or grandkids or going for a long hike.

My goal is NOT to get you looking like a supermodel (but toning and tightening up is always a great bonus!).

My goal is to get you to FEEL STRONGER, MOVE BETTER and REDUCE PAIN with Pilates.

So, join me on the mat and get ready to take your workouts to a new level!

Love and Pilates Always!

Kate xxx

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