The studio offers in-house workshops for clients and the general public. Some of the previous workshop topics include; Myofascial Release Techniques with the massage ball, Nutrition for Weight-loss, Understanding and Strengthening the Female Pelvic floor and Stretching for Home. We aim to further educate our clients and welcome suggestions for future workshops you may be interested in.

Upcoming Events:

Introduction to Breathwork Workshop with Ingrid Lamb

Join us for a 1.5hr workshop as we delve in to utilising your breath with Master instructor, Ingrid Lamb.

You’ll discover how to use your breath consciously and master two core techniques.

Both will teach you how to relieve stressful situations in your everyday life, improve mood, mental focus, and performance.

Through Breathing and relaxation techniques you will learn to:

  • Increase your stress resilience and renew your energy
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia
  • Increase lung capacity, oxygenation, and cardio-respiratory health
  • Improve performance at work and at school

Please note: The full workshop cost is payable upon booking to secure your spot. 48hrs notice of non-attendance must be provided for refund to apply

Past Events:

Daylesford  Retreat