Wall Push-Up

Want Upper Body Strength? Start with This One Exercise!

Want to start  building your upper body strength but not sure where to start?

The wall push-up is an under utilised exercise when looking to build upper body strength and stability but it really is a fantastic one.

It teaches you to hold your core and body position without over loading the shoulders and neck (which means a much lower chance of neck and upper bacl pain).

Mastering the wall push-up will help prepare you for the strength and shoulder stability needed in a full floor push-up.

Why do a push up in the first place? 

If you’re looking to strengthen your core, have a full body workout (with no equipment) and build functional upper body strength (push/pull) you can’t go past the push up.

As we age and our muscle mass decreases and for most people our range of movement in the shoulder becomes less (think less reaching, lifting, pulling, pushing, rotating) it’s imperative to keep a strong upper body to prevent injury and pain, maintain good posture and lean muscle mass.

The push-up is one exercise that offers great bang for its buck giving you a full body workout whilst keeping pressure off your wrists.

However, good form is key and the wall push-up is the perfect place to start to build your strength.


Your How-To (Step by Step)

1. Stand with your feet hip width apart and your arms outstretched and palms flat against the wall.

How far back your feet are will vary the difficulty of the push-up. Standing closer to the wall will be easier than if your feet are further away. Find a spot that feels appropriate to you.

2. Inhale as you bend your elbows sending them wide on a diagonal. The hard part here is to not drop your chest to the wall as you bend your elbows. Try to focus on the chest staying lifted and your core drawing in.

3. Exhale as you press away from the wall.

Focus on pushing your hands through the wall and feeling that connection at the base of your shoulders.

Tip: Your neck should remain relaxed throughout the exercise and your breathing easy. Avoid clenching the jaw.

Variation: Keep the elbows in close to the body to work through the triceps.