What are Your 2019 Goals?

Do you set New Year Goals and intentions?

I never used to put too much thought in to them but the last few years I’ve really sat and reflected on them and think it’s a great time to motivate change if you’re usually not very motivated (cue lying on the couch with the air-con blasting and Netflix on).

But in 2018 I followed through on some of my goals and intentions (note here that I said some) I think it’s important to remember to not beat yourself up if you don’t meet all your goals and intentions but look for the positives and embrace the changes you were able to make.

Sometimes life just gets in the way and for all our best intentions we’re just not able to meet certain outcomes and that’s OK. This is not me giving you permission to give up on your goals btw. Go smash them out of the park please!! But remember you are where you need to be and don’t be too hard on yourself if things didn’t go exactly to plan this year.

In saying all this, this photo was one of my goals this year (and from previous yeas)-this movement in Pilates that may seem like a silly or non-meaningful goal when you look at it (heck yes I wanted to be able to hang upside down in the splits!) but for me it represents so much more.


I tried to do this before having kids 5 years ago and I didn’t have the upper body strength to get myself up and over in to the position which was an eye-opener for me as I thought I had always been quite strong (no hulk here but more than a weakling) however I just couldn’t manage it well.

The need to do something I used to be able to do

Having danced for years, the splits (dare I say it) used to be easy. But since the birth of my first daughter 5 years ago my body said ‘NO WAY!’ I was tight (and tired and had no time to work on flexibility along with a whole long list of other things) then I had my second daughter so it went to the background. I often would think I’d like to be able to do the splits again and then I’d change another nappy and think ‘not today’ and life would get in the way. But you know what? That’s OK because it wasn’t where I needed to be at that time. It wasn’t a priority or a necessity so I placed it aside until it was time.


It took me a long time to get to this goal (we’re talking 5+ years) that doesn’t mean I forgot about it. Every now and then it would pop up in my mind and I would revisit it but I was never able to get there so I let it go again until I had the time and energy to revisit and re-assess but I never gave up. And that’s the crucial part, your goal and intentions may need to be flexible. To change with you, to take more than the allocated time you gave yourself but you can always revisit, re-assess and in the end follow through.

So, this upside down pose is a lot more than just a pretty insta photo to me, it’s 5 years of me trying, slowly building strength and finally achieving a goal I set out to achieve.

What are your goals for 2019? Are they ones that are a work in progress and continuing from 2018 or 2017? Is this the first year you will set some?

If so, keep working, keep on keepin on going and don’t be afraid to reassess and re-calibrate your goals to suit your life and where you are now.

Remember to celebrate your goals and always keep striving to achieve them. It may take a while but that is TOTALLY OK. The main point is that you KEEP TRYING!

Happy goal setting and here’s to a wonderful 2019 filled with happiness, love, laughter and light!!

Kate xx