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5 Easy Mat Moves


5 Easy Mat Moves Want to work out at home? Start with these 5 easy mat moves!! Do you have excuses for not working-out? Ahem, yes! Because we all do- work, too tired, kids, too busy, I don’t have the equipment etc. I’ve heard them all before and even said some myself when

5 Easy Mat Moves2019-01-12T14:32:51+11:00

Why is Pilates Good For you? Here’s 6 Benefits!


Why is Pilates Good For you? Here’s 6 Benefits! Being a Pilates instructor, I obviously love Pilates but I’m often asked ‘How will Pilates help me?’ So here are some of the awesome benefits of Pilates; Tone Tone, baby! Pilates involves strength and conditioning exercises that help tone your body. Working with weights

Why is Pilates Good For you? Here’s 6 Benefits!2019-01-12T12:08:27+11:00

What are Your 2019 Goals?


What are Your 2019 Goals? Do you set New Year Goals and intentions? I never used to put too much thought in to them but the last few years I’ve really sat and reflected on them and think it’s a great time to motivate change if you’re usually not very motivated (cue lying

What are Your 2019 Goals?2019-01-12T11:59:58+11:00